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This website is a celebration of all antique and vintage gold.

We are specialist antique jewellers based in the historic town of Tintagel, Cornwall in the South West of the UK.  We have, for many years, provided quality items of antique and vintage jewellery to thousands of happy customers all over the world.  We are always procuring new stock from all over Europe and though many pieces do go into one of our secure storage vaults for future investment we also provide items for sale to collectors and everybody else who appreciates the beauty of older gems.

We are in the process of constructing numerous websites to showcase our stock for sale and to answer general questions regarding collecting antique jewellery.  Please appreciate though that we are a business and are often very busy so if there is a delay in answering your query we respectfully ask you to be patient with us.

This website is purely dedicated to gold items with age and appeal - if you are looking for silver items or loose gemstones or non-precious vintage jewellery we would ask that you visit our main site: www.adhgems.co.uk and hopefully you will find what you want there.

Please take your time to browse this site and our other sites and feel free to contact us with any and all enquiries.  

If you are ever in Tintagel then please feel free to visit us at our shop Camelot Collectables which is opposite the bus stop and visitor's centre.  We are open 10am to 5pm Tuesday to Saturday.

For quality antique and vintage jewellery please go to:

Antique Jewellery

Please remember that we are antique jewellers and not web wizards so you may find our site a little basic and not flashy.  We do our best with all of this modern technology stuff and do respond to emails and queries as soon as we possibly can so please do not get frustrated if there is a delay in getting back to you at any time.  We thank you for your understanding and patience.

As well as our websites and our shop in Tintagel we also attend many antiques fairs and watch fairs around the country so please look out for us and feel free to come say 'hi'. 

Thank you once again for visiting our antique jewellery website.

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Email: 15ct@hhh-comms.co.uk

 Antique and vintage jewellery has a style and a class all of its own.  Many older pieces are handmade so the amount of work and effort is considerably greater than the modern pieces of today.  The tone of the gold is also often 'warmer' as the alloying process has changed considerably over the years.

Today most manufacturing is automated and many pieces are hollow as the price of gold has gone through the roof.  This often means that older pieces will be of significantly better quality, testified by the fact that they have lasted for so many years.

You will find many beautiful items on our site in various catas of gold and from many different sources.  We always provide as much detail as we can on each item and can provide insurance valuations for a small charge.

As well as antique gold necklaces, bracelets, brooches and gent's jewellery we also have an enormous stock of gold and high grade watches including Rolex, Omega, Longines, Vacheron Constantine and many other luxury brands.  We have showcased some of these on our Antique Gold Watches page but this is just the tip of the iceberg.  We WILL eventually get round to building a website dedicated just to antique and vintage watches but in the meantime we are happy to answer any individual enquiries in this regard.

We hope you enjoy browsing our site and hope you find something that you fall in love with.  It is often hard for us to let many of our items go as we appreciate the beauty and quality ourselves so we sincerely hope that you get as much pleasure out of anything you purchase as we do.